We usually say to allow 5 business days for delivery within Australia from the date your valid prescription is received

However, most of our customers find that their order arrives in much less time and a recent analysis of delivery times showed that the average time from date of dispatch to date of delivery was just 1.8 business days but please remember, your order will not be dispatched until your valid prescription has been received and reviewed by the Dispensing Pharmacist. Please allow time for your valid prescription to get to us.  In order to be valid we must either receive the original paper prescription from you OR hold a valid repeat on file OR receive the script by email directly from your veterinarian. 

Actual delivery time from order depends on how quickly we get your valid prescription and other factors including the amount of mail the post office has to process at the time and whether or not you live in a metropolitan area. 

PetScripts does not ship to addresses outside Australia and does not ship certain products which must be kept chilled outside the Australia Post Express Post Network.