Quick Answer: The average customer receives their order in about a week, but each order varies. 

The time between order and delivery to your door is a combination of:

  • How we receive your script. A script sent by your vet typically arrives 2+ days sooner than posting it yourself. See our buyer's guide to understand your options.
  • Where we're shipping to. Our Brisbane pharmacists dispense orders every weekday. 
    • Standard shipping to Queensland typically takes 2.5 days
    • Standard shipping to NSW, ACT, VIC or SA typically takes 5 days.
    • Standard shipping to NT/TAS and WA typically takes 8-13 days, though this is improving.     
  • Choosing express postage. Express postage typically arrives 50% faster, and we'd recommend this option if your delivery is urgent.

The above is just a guide and each order is different, so if you're concerned please let our friendly staff know.