Quick Answer: A prescription is always required to purchase prescription medication.


By law in Australia, the pharmacist dispensing prescription medication must have the original prescription, which is made available by most Australian Veterinarians.


This means that PetScripts is required to physically receive the vet's original prescription (including vet’s signature) before the dispensing pharmacist can dispense an order. This means that a photo, scan, fax, or emailed copy alone is not sufficient.


If your vet emails and posts your prescription to PetScripts directly, we can ship your order on receipt of the vet’s email, meaning you receive your order quicker. Most vets will email your script directly to PetScripts if you ask.


PetScripts charges a cancellation fee of $15 where a prescription is not received within 14 days of an order being made. You can read the full terms and conditions here.


A prescription is usually valid for 12 months after being written – you can ask your vet or our pharmacists if your script is still valid.


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