has vets in our team however please be aware that our vets cannot assist with specific complaints or diagnoses and do not write prescriptions. If you your pet has an immediate health problem, you should speak to your regular vet, or consider using a mobile vet service such as PAWSSUM ( who offer in home veterinary care. PAWSSUM vets make house calls and take the time they need to focus solely on your pets needs and well being in the comfort of your own home. Other options include contacting an online vet such as Online Pet Scripts ( or Your Vet Online ( who will be happy to provide an Online Consultation , and if appropriate, provide a prescription for your pet (The Online Pet Scripts standard fee is $45. The Your Vet Online online consult fee is $49.95 and a script is $30. Your Vet Online is registered Australia wide, operate 24/7 and handles all species). Please be aware that the online vets such as Your Vet Online will need to virtually examine your pet (usually via a video call) and will only provide a prescription if they are satisfied that this is the appropriate treatment for your pet.