Items that require refrigeration are packed in a styrofoam box with ice brick(s). Please note items that require refrigeration can only be delivered by express post ($19.95) and only to postcodes within the Australia Post Express Network and will be dispatched on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure they arrive cold.

Covid 19 Notice: Unfortunately, because of the pandemic restrictions, Australia Post and courier services are advising all consumers within Australia to expect significant delays in the delivery of parcels and mail of up to an additional 1 to 2 weeks.  These delays impact all retailers and all deliveries in all locations. Actually delivery times may vary, but orders that previously arrived in less than a week may now take 2-3 weeks or more.   Even Express Post is experiencing delays and you should not expect overnight delivery of express post parcels.

Given these delays, we suggest you consider carefully before ordering online any products you need urgently or cold products (including Caninsulin) as neither we nor any other online retailer  can guarantee that these orders will arrive in a timely manner.   If you live in a regional area, or in an area that you know is having or think might have postal delays, we recommend you do not order urgent products or cold products online until things return to normal.